Green Flash Arrives in Santa Barbara!

I'm still pinching myself!  After 4,000 miles, Green Flash is now in Santa Barbara... a dream come true!  I've been enjoying it so much, I've been a little lax in getting a post out.

As you recall, Green Flash left the Virgin Islands in late October to begin the transit to Santa Barbara.  We got as far as Los Cabos, Mexico in early December, then left her there until we had a good weather window.  We were home for about three weeks over the Christmas holiday.  After the holidays and when the weather was clear, Hubby, Son, Back East Friend and Son's Friend, went back to Los Cabos to finish the last leg of the transit.

After provisioning, and fueling, the guys were off to complete the journey.  They passed Cabo San Lucas and the famous arch.  

They were surprised at just how desolate Baja was.  This is them approaching a very small fishing village, Bahia Santa Maria.  They just made it before the wind really started to pick up.  The boys managed to get some fishing and spearfishing in and after a good night's sleep and a lot less wind they left the next morning.

Next stop Bahia de Tortugas.  The boys were happy to get ashore in the hopes that they would get a meal off the boat.  Possibly something other than fresh fish, which has been the norm.  Hard to believe you could get tired of fresh fish.

They pulled in, anchored and got fuel from the fuel panga, then on to find food.  

A sweet woman cooking in a very small restaurant with a beautiful view of the bay made them a wonderful meal.

After dinner they were off to Ensenada.  It took them a day and a half of motor sailing to arrive.  Ensenada was another quick stop for fuel, checked out of Mexico and on to San Diego... the good ol' US of A!

Son's Friend and Hubby's Back East Friend jumped ship in San Diego... work was calling their names.

Santa Barbara bound!

Their first US sunset aboard Green Flash!

Pretty cool Hubby and Son did the last bit of this very long journey by themselves.

We're home!  As Son put it, "I've been all over the world and Santa Barbara is still the most beautiful place on this earth!" 

What a surreal experience it was for me watching them sail in. 

The chills and tears were happening all at once.  I had such a feeling of joy and gratitude for a safe journey with no failures or incidences.  Not to mention, all of the amazing memories that were made with people coming and going along the way.

Now time to celebrate!  There were a couple small celebrations but we wanted to celebrate big and kick off the next West Coast chartering adventure.  It was great to see and talk to everyone that had taken an interest and followed the journey.

We had an Open Yacht Tour and Welcome Party at the Santa Barbara Sailing Center dock.  

We were thrilled to have about 150 people come.  It was so much fun to show off the Mighty Green Flash!  After this long journey, she has definitely earned the title "Mighty"!

Of course, the day would not have been complete without my kids.  They were so helpful greeting and serving guests.  What an amazing Santa Barbara welcome and a great day of celebrating Green Flash!

PS  Recipes are coming!