About Me



Sherri McNary

Hi my name is Sherri McNary and the creator of Flash in the Pan.  I’m the chef aboard Green Flash, a crewed charter yacht, sailing the Virgin Islands.  It all started with my husband’s "crazy" dream to buy a boat and sail the Caribbean.  After raising three amazing children and living the predictable Santa Barbara life, this has been quite a contrast.  I could have never imagined it, but here I am sharing my passion for food, travel and adventure with guests aboard our yacht!

I hope to inspire you to cook fresh, tasty and simple.  If I can do it in my small galley with limited provisions and tools, you can do it too, wherever you are! 

I’ll tempt you with delicious recipes, introduce you to some amazing people, and share with you some of the wonderful experiences I have along the way.  I invite you to step aboard!